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Douglas Roberts

Veteran Spotlight: Douglas Roberts Evening MBA, Class of 2022, U.S. Coast Guard

Background: I’m from Plant City, FL and joined the Coast Guard after high school. I was wanting to serve my county and do something different from the traditional path, and the Coast Guard provided that opportunity. I was fortunate to serve on a polar icebreaker responsible for breaking a channel to resupply the McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica. The experience was amazing, but I decided to get out to attend the University of Georgia. After my undergrad, I worked in legislative affairs before making the jump to commercial banking where my exposure to the investment bank inspired to pursue that...

Students dive into El Salvador’s rich history during Executive MBA trip

Entrepreneurial empowerment takes on a breadth and depth unknown to me in any other context. This El Salvador Executive MBA trip was an amazing experience from beginning to end, enabling students and alumni the opportunity to experience social enterprise in an emerging market context with the political, historical, social and cultural layers unique to El Salvador’s rich history.