Benefits of a Flex MBA Program

A flex MBA program is designed for working professionals who want to continue to work while earning their MBA degrees. A flex MBA is more commonly referred to as a part-time MBA because students are earning their degrees on a part-time basis. Flex is short for flexible. A flex MBA or part-time MBA provides a flexible program schedule to accommodate the responsibilities of working professionals.

Goizueta Business School offers the top-ranked flex MBA in Georgia (#13 in the U.S.) as ranked in the U.S. News & World Report 2022 Best Part-Time MBA Programs ranking. Goizueta’s flex MBA is called the Evening MBA. As the name suggests, students complete their courses in the evenings (after work) but the program also delivers a highly flexible format enabling students to speed up or slow down each semester based on personal or professional demands on their time. Students can complete the flex MBA on a traditional, accelerated, or express timeline.

The traditional timeline for completing a flex MBA spreads out classes and immersion activities so you don’t get overloaded. You take the time to explore the topics that matter to you. The average completion time is 32 months. The accelerated timeline for completing a flex MBA has a slightly heavier course load option that condenses the timeline by adding in spring and summer pre-semester courses. The average completion time is 28 months. The express timeline the fastest option for earning your part-time MBA. You get the same program offerings in a third less time. It’s an intense, non-stop schedule and the average completion time is 24 months.

The flex MBA core curriculum delivers foundational skills and hands-on business experience through courses designed to help you excel in any area of business. Through electives, students can tailor their studies to their interests or professional needs. Goizueta’s part-time MBA offers more than 20 concentrations as well as a Certificate of Advanced Leadership.

Goizueta part-time MBA students value the flexibility the program offers while still delivering a full MBA experience. Through immersive experiences, co-curricular and non-curricular activities, Goizueta delivers opportunity to cement lessons in a learn by doing approach and for deep engagement with classmates and faculty to build a robust network of friends and colleagues.

Learn more about Goizueta’s Evening MBA as a flexible way to earn your MBA and advance your career.

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