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Leader’s Reaction Course: One-of-a-kind leadership development

I’ll admit it took me over a year to work up the courage to sign up for this training. It is totally out of my comfort zone, representing a perfect example of why I applied to the MBA program: to “dive head-first” into the unknown, the ambiguous and the uncomfortable, in order to grow personally and professionally.


Leader’s Reaction Course puts problem-solving skills to test

On an early morning in late October, several students, faculty and staff gathered in the cold and rain to put their leadership skills to the test. However, the inclement weather was not going to hinder our successful completion of the 15th Leader’s Reaction Course.


Students dive into El Salvador’s rich history during Executive MBA trip

Entrepreneurial empowerment takes on a breadth and depth unknown to me in any other context. This El Salvador Executive MBA trip was an amazing experience from beginning to end, enabling students and alumni the opportunity to experience social enterprise in an emerging market context with the political, historical, social and cultural layers unique to El Salvador’s rich history.