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Three Tips to Manage Employer Expectations

To go or not to go? That is the question. Unfortunately, if you’re looking through this blog, you’re probably in the same shoes I was almost two years ago: Looking at the program schedule and thinking, “How am I going to ask my manager for every other Friday off?” It requires a lot of trust from your manager, but it can be done. Most of us had to request time off or had to come up with a plan to ensure that work wasn’t interrupted while we were in school. The following advice is what has worked for me...


The Classes that Change Your Life

They say that MBA’s change you: that you will see things differently, that you will question things you didn’t before, that you will grow in ways you didn’t think were possible. To be honest, it’s true! In particular, one of those classes at Goizueta that has changed me was Alternative Investments with Professor Klaas Baks. This elective has been one I’ve been looking forward to the most because it’s such a “hot topic” that I felt I knew very little about. However, what I gained was not just knowledge about private equity, venture capital, and deal structuring, but it gave...