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What is an Executive MBA?

What is an Executive MBA? An Executive MBA is a general management program like a traditional MBA degree but it is designed for seasoned working professionals.

Part-Time MBA vs Full-Time MBA

The Part-time MBA vs Full-Time MBA debate is common. Some suggest that a part-time MBA provides flexibility while a full-time MBA lets you focus on your development. Regardless of the program, there are tradeoffs to consider.

One Day at a Time

One Day at A Time

Juggling work, school, and personal life is no easy feat, especially when joining one of the most competitive and highly regarded Evening MBA programs in the country. I won’t sugar coat it: there are days when you’ve got plenty of things to do from all realms of life and it feels like there is no way to possibly manage. That lingering feeling of impending doom is sometimes tough to knock. I can’t speak for your work and personal life, but I can speak about my experience with an Evening MBA program that may help you anticipate what to expect...

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The Immeasurable Value of Community in an MBA Program

An MBA community and its values are essential for your success as a student. Goizueta’s diverse and supportive community makes it a top choice.   When evaluating a business school program, it’s absolutely essential to speak with current students and faculty. In fact, it’s usually part of the official recruiting process for most MBA programs and for good reason. Let me explain why. With any MBA program, you’re not only embarking on an educational journey: you’re committing to positive transformation. Through a curriculum with team projects, leadership workshops, recruiting with top companies, etc., you’ll be faced with brand new experiences...

Is an Executive MBA Worth It?

Some may ponder the question, is an Executive MBA worth it? Does the market value an Executive MBA the same as a full-time MBA or part-time MBA? Did I miss my window of opportunity? Why should I bother now? The answer to the initial question is yes, an Executive MBA is worth it for the right candidate. There are many myths about Executive MBA programs…I don’t have time, I’m too old, I’m too senior in my career, etc. In the past, the difference between an Executive MBA program and other MBA programs or graduate business degrees was based on...