Q&A with Ram Subramanian 18EMBA

Working professionals talk ins and outs of getting an Exec MBA and how Goizueta has helped them professionally.

Ram Subramanian 18EMBA
Medical Director, Liver Transplant
Emory Healthcare

Q: Why did you decide to pursue an Executive MBA program? What skills were you hoping to gain or changes were you hoping to make professionally?

I had reached a stage in my medical career where I wanted to learn more about the management and delivery of healthcare. The goal behind pursuing the EMBA degree was to acquire and promote the application of skills sets used in business administration to healthcare delivery.

Q: Talk about your experiences at Goizueta. How did the program meet or exceed your expectations?

My Goizueta experience has changed the way I perceive the world. The EMBA program exceeded all my expectations. An excellent faculty coupled with a highly talented group of classmates created the right environment for a stimulating and impactful learning experience. The knowledge and skill sets that I have derived from the EMBA have been directly applicable to my work environment, and enabled me to bring value to my organization.

Q: How have you been able to take what you learned at Goizueta and apply it to your current position? Please give examples.

One of the important learning aspects of the EMBA experience was the opportunity to apply the classroom concepts to my current work position in real time. As I acquired knowledge related to the different courses with the EMBA (such as strategy, operations, marketing and finance), I was able to apply that knowledge to my current administrative role as the Medical Director of Liver Transplantation. Such an opportunity to apply the concepts in real time to work greatly enhanced the learning process.

Q: How have you grown professionally as a result of your Goizueta experience?

My Goizueta experience has enhanced my professional growth greatly. After a conventional training path in medicine, I had reached a stage in my medical career where I wanted to learn more about the management and delivery of healthcare. The Goizueta experience has enabled that transition, and I look forward to exploring future opportunities as a physician executive.

Q: What did you learn about yourself in Goizueta’s Exec MBA program that surprised you?

I had been out of school for almost 20 years, and there was some apprehension about returning to a ‘study mode’. However, after a few weeks of recalibration, I was able to go back to being a student again. Of note, the intellectual stimulation from the coursework, the faculty, and my classmates, was instrumental in making this transition successful.

Q: What advice or recommendation would you give to someone thinking about pursuing an MBA at Goizueta?

Based on my experience, I would recommend an MBA at Goizueta highly. My Goizueta experience has transformed the way that I view and think about the world. The concepts that I have learned have had a profoundly positive impact on my professional and personal life. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity at this stage in my life to pursue a Goizueta MBA.

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