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Douglas Roberts

Veteran Spotlight: Douglas Roberts Evening MBA, Class of 2022, U.S. Coast Guard

Background: I’m from Plant City, FL and joined the Coast Guard after high school. I was wanting to serve my county and do something different from the traditional path, and the Coast Guard provided that opportunity. I was fortunate to serve on a polar icebreaker responsible for breaking a channel to resupply the McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica. The experience was amazing, but I decided to get out to attend the University of Georgia. After my undergrad, I worked in legislative affairs before making the jump to commercial banking where my exposure to the investment bank inspired to pursue that...

Is Online is Here to Stay? A New Way of Networking in Business School!

Is Online is Here to Stay? A New Way of Networking in Business School!

Beginning a graduate program in the middle of a global pandemic that has historically put a large portion of its value into the network you are entering and the partnerships you’ll be able to develop seemed like a bad gambit. My initial thoughts were that class quality itself did not seem impacted and that perhaps the social aspect would be sufficient as well, but after a year its fair to say that just has not measured up. Enter the new way forward that more and more business schools, including Emory, are adopting to not only let connection flourish again,...

Doing business at night

Benefits of a Flex MBA Program

A flex MBA program is designed for working professionals who want to continue to work while earning their MBA degrees and need a flexible MBA program schedule to accommodate the demand on their time.

The Time is Now: Invest in Yourself!

The Time is Now: Invest in Yourself!

The headline of an Atlantic article by Melissa Fay Greene recently caught my eye, as it posed the question of ‘how will we remember the COVID-19 pandemic.’ In the introduction, Greene recounts her own tale of how her ‘plague’ year, as she labels it, started. She shared that, for her it began when she had to cancel two plane tickets to Denver for her and her husband’s visit to see their eldest son and his family. As I finished reading Greene’s expertly-written article on the stories we hold on to, and how they are influenced by others, my mind...

Inclusion Through Fund Distribution: A Look at Impact via Micro-VCs

Inclusion Through Fund Distribution: A Look at Impact via Micro-VCs

As a Black man with a multi-racial background, this past year has been both tremendously challenging but also somewhat strangely uplifting. Despite the turmoil and pile-up of unfortunate news, I found solace knowing that at least within the communities I operated in, change and activism was at the forefront of discussions. One particular area centered on the absolute lack and need for funding availability for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual+ (LGBTQIA+), and non-male founders within the startup ecosystem. As a new student within the Goizueta Business School ecosystem, I have...

“How lucky we are to be alive right now!”

And some may argue, enrolling in business school during a pandemic is non-academic. Perhaps even my grandma would agree, staying alive past 2020 would be enough and I wouldn’t disagree and call her bluff. Like for most of you, this past year has been rough, but it has made us all strong and tough, and that is enough. The fact is, there are leaders and followers but make sure you are not a reed and you will succeed. Although COVID-19 was trying to erase our world, Emory was busy trying to keep us all breathing. I can only imagine...

Is a Part-Time MBA Worth It?

If you are thinking about pursuing a Part-Time MBA, you may be wondering about the return on your investment. So, is a Part-Time MBA worth it? Here is a list of top factors to reaffirm your choice.