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What is an Executive MBA?

What is an Executive MBA? An Executive MBA is a general management program like a traditional MBA degree but it is designed for seasoned working professionals.

Is an Executive MBA Worth It?

Some may ponder the question, is an Executive MBA worth it? Does the market value an Executive MBA the same as a full-time MBA or part-time MBA? Did I miss my window of opportunity? Why should I bother now? The answer to the initial question is yes, an Executive MBA is worth it for the right candidate. There are many myths about Executive MBA programs…I don’t have time, I’m too old, I’m too senior in my career, etc. In the past, the difference between an Executive MBA program and other MBA programs or graduate business degrees was based on...

The Life of a Spouse

I’m back! And this time, I’m writing from a different perspective: my husband’s. As a spouse of someone in the program, it can be challenging to adjust as well. They see you less, pick up chores they perhaps didn’t have to do and can get frustrated with you. It’s ok and totally understandable. It’s a huge commitment on our behalf but your spouse or significant other commits to it as well. Hopefully, you’ll find the following information beneficial for yourself (as a prospective/incoming student) and your significant other. In the words of my husband: “Find your own grad school.”...