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Here I am role playing coaching a team in turmoil during Delta Leadership Coaching Fellows Orientation. Photo courtesy of Lieutenant General (Ret.) Ken Keen, Associate Dean of Leadership Development and faculty member in Organization and Management.

Leading by practicing at Goizueta

What kind of leader are you? Not sure? Well, practice makes perfect, right? Except when you’re a leader, you’re expected to lead when called – not practice. As you’ll discuss in some of your leadership classes at Goizueta Business School, not many would sign up to be led by a leader that wants to “try a few things out.” Therefore, practicing leadership matters. Knowing your leadership style matters. Learning and reflecting on that practice matters. These elements make us better, more well-equipped leaders. Goizueta’s leadership curriculum through their optional Certificate of Advanced Leadership (offered to EvMBAs starting in 2019)...

Leader’s Reaction Course: One-of-a-kind leadership development

I’ll admit it took me over a year to work up the courage to sign up for this training. It is totally out of my comfort zone, representing a perfect example of why I applied to the MBA program: to “dive head-first” into the unknown, the ambiguous and the uncomfortable, in order to grow personally and professionally.