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Is Online is Here to Stay? A New Way of Networking in Business School!

Is Online is Here to Stay? A New Way of Networking in Business School!

Beginning a graduate program in the middle of a global pandemic that has historically put a large portion of its value into the network you are entering and the partnerships you’ll be able to develop seemed like a bad gambit. My initial thoughts were that class quality itself did not seem impacted and that perhaps the social aspect would be sufficient as well, but after a year its fair to say that just has not measured up. Enter the new way forward that more and more business schools, including Emory, are adopting to not only let connection flourish again,...

Is a Part-Time MBA Worth It?

If you are thinking about pursuing a Part-Time MBA, you may be wondering about the return on your investment. So, is a Part-Time MBA worth it? Here is a list of top factors to reaffirm your choice.

Part-Time MBA vs Full-Time MBA

The Part-time MBA vs Full-Time MBA debate is common. Some suggest that a part-time MBA provides flexibility while a full-time MBA lets you focus on your development. Regardless of the program, there are tradeoffs to consider.

One Day at a Time

One Day at A Time

Juggling work, school, and personal life is no easy feat, especially when joining one of the most competitive and highly regarded Evening MBA programs in the country. I won’t sugar coat it: there are days when you’ve got plenty of things to do from all realms of life and it feels like there is no way to possibly manage. That lingering feeling of impending doom is sometimes tough to knock. I can’t speak for your work and personal life, but I can speak about my experience with an Evening MBA program that may help you anticipate what to expect...