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Keeping all the spinning plates in the air - managing your MBA, work and life

Keeping all the spinning plates in the air – managing your MBA, work and life

Will I be able to handle it all? Work, life, and the pursuit of an MBA—all at once? This is a question that dogged me in the months leading up to my first semester and is one of the most common questions I get when speaking to potential or freshly minted Evening MBA students at Goizueta. One question inevitably follows my assurance that yes, you can indeed manage all three: how do you do it? The answer is simple to understand but can involve a learning curve—you learn to actively manage your time. Here are a few tips and...

The Life of a Spouse

I’m back! And this time, I’m writing from a different perspective: my husband’s. As a spouse of someone in the program, it can be challenging to adjust as well. They see you less, pick up chores they perhaps didn’t have to do and can get frustrated with you. It’s ok and totally understandable. It’s a huge commitment on our behalf but your spouse or significant other commits to it as well. Hopefully, you’ll find the following information beneficial for yourself (as a prospective/incoming student) and your significant other. In the words of my husband: “Find your own grad school.”...

How important is employer support?

A major consideration of any working professional pursing a graduate degree is the support they get (or may not get) from their employer. I have friends and colleagues who have left a company in part due to weak support for their part-time MBA and others who have turned down very lucrative offers to change roles because it would mean they could no longer realistically pursue their MBA.