Types of MBAs | Choosing an MBA Program

Goizueta Business School offers a portfolio of MBA programs to meet those ready for an MBA degree where they are and to offer them the opportunity to learn along side others who are in a similar professional season. Choosing an MBA program because of a need or desire to pursue additional education and leadership development strikes at different times and in different circumstances. Our diversity of programs allows you to enroll in a program that will provide not just an enhanced toolbox but also a vibrant network to engage with long after graduation.

Types of MBA Programs

There are several types of MBA programs to consider when choosing an MBA program. These vary in length and format as well as in terms of concentrations or specializations. The first decision you need to make is Part-time MBA, Full-time MBA, or Executive MBA. View our MBA program comparison to help you in your choice.

Part-time MBA

If you are currently working in the Atlanta area, have less than 10 years of professional full-time work experience, and want to continue to work while you earn your degree, the Evening part-time MBA program could be a perfect fit. Attracting professionals from across industries and functions, the Evening MBA program is delivered after work hours (evenings) and provides flexibility to students to adjust the number of classes they take each semester to accommodate their professional and personal responsibilities. Career services are focused on enhancing your ability to position yourself for promotion, negotiations, and pivoting into new areas. This MBA program also provides leadership development and social activities for students to deepen relationships and build their network. Most students complete their part-time MBA degree in three years.

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA (EMBA) is also a working professional program but is designed for those who have 10 or more years of full-time professional experience. Goizueta’s EMBA program attracts true executives who are working to solve current business issues during the day and keeping up with the latest in research and academics on the weekend. Flexibility is enhanced for this program through offering two delivery formats: on-campus & hybrid. The EMBA program is designed for students to choose a delivery model to fit with their professional and personal obligations but students from both models converge regularly to engage and learn from one another. Executive coaching is a unique offering, providing students with personalized career guidance and refinement of their leadership style.

Full-time MBA

A full-time MBA is for early career professionals who are willing to take one or two years away from the job market to pursue their MBA studies full time. Goizueta offers two full-time MBA program options: One-Year MBA and Two-Year MBA

It can be frustrating to be in an industry you love, doing a job you enjoy and feel stuck by a lack of an MBA degree. If you are still early in your career (2-8 year of experience) and are ready to accelerate your career into post-MBA level roles, the One-Year MBA program is a perfect fit. Beginning in May and ending in May of the next year, it is the fastest way to a degree, providing the shortest time away from the work force. Fast doesn’t mean you sacrifice any of the academic experiences, leadership development, career services, or student fun that comes with a Full-Time MBA. It provides you the opportunity to leverage the experience on your resume paired with your degree to find the perfect-fit next role.

The traditional Two-Year MBA, Full-Time MBA experience provides more time in the program to those who are looking to make a full career pivot or who are unsure where their skills and talent can take them. By providing two years of classroom experiences and one summer internship, the Two-Year MBA program gives students room to reflect and prepare for a new career or to accelerate in their current industry or function. 

There are more similarities than differences to the portfolio of MBA programs at Goizueta. Each one is grounded in the core values endorsed by our namesake Roberto C. Goizueta and provide students with a rigorous academic experience in an intimate learning environment within minutes of Atlanta, one of the most vibrant and rapidly growing cities in the U.S. with a well-established business presence (home to 16 Fortune 500s and a vibrant start-up community). Goizueta provides all of our students, in all of our program with the knowledge and skills to be principled leaders who have a positive impact on business and society.

Let us help you when choosing an MBA program that is the right fit for your current and future career goals. Our MBA program comparison can assist you in your choice and you can also schedule a personal consultation with an admission director.

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